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[Paid] Tutorial: How to Turn S2_Bloggish Entry Titles Into Clickable Links

Clickable links for entry titles are a much-desired feature of Bloggish that isn't included in the default or styled CSS. Our only option to make Bloggish entry titles "clickable" is to override the "Page::print entry" function through a custom theme layer.

Essentially, what this hack does is add the "permalink" functionality that you see at the end of each post to the post title (and it's a pretty neat trick, in my opinion). It will work on Bloggish or Style Contest themes (since the Style Contest theme is actually built off of the default Bloggish CSS.)

To accomplish this you'll need a paid account to add a custom theme layer to. Please see carriep63's tutorial on how to create your own custom theme layer if you don't already have one. Also see how to add your theme layer in the correct order so you won't lose any of your CSS overrides. If you've already created a custom theme layer make a copy of it (cutting and pasting it into Notepad works) and save it before you make any changes. That way you can quickly restore your original theme layer if anything goes wrong.

Once you've ensured your custom theme layer is in place and working nicely, copy and paste the code in the text box below into your theme layer and click "Save & Compile" to see it in action. Now your Bloggish entry titles should seriously "click".

I took this code from a community that av8rmike either runs or helps out in but I can't find the page it's on (see comments). The code here is pretty much the same thing.

I'll be back soon...I'll post here from time to time with carriep63's permission since there are a few more hacks I'd like to share with S2 Bloggish users. Also, please note that I can't write S2 code or tell you how to alter the code I post here so it will behave any differently.

New post: How to turn your S2Bloggish journal title and subtitle into clickable links.

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