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Stubborn calendar header color


I'm having an issue forcing the text color of the header for my calendar to be black. The journal I'm working on is here. Right now, it is stubbornly remaining the default hunter green. I've managed to get all the other headers to conform to black, but the calendar just... won't.

The code I'm using:

.module-header {
color: #000000;

.module-calendar {
color: #000000;

I thought .module-header would act as a blanket for all the sidebar headers, but there's something with the calendar. Could anyone help me with this, please?
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Hi! I'm working on a layout and I'd like to make the background color for each of my navigation links a different color. Is there a way to specify each item within ".module-viewlinks li.module-list-item" so that I can then define a separate background color for each one?

For a visual example, working within this, I'd like each one of those yellow boxes to be a different color.

Thank you for your help!
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Editing the reply page (not quick-reply, or replying to comments)

So basically, I want to know if there's a way in the css to edit the layout/look of this page:


I love everything about my journal layout except for how messy that looks. I don't understand why the font is in arial and the spacing is weird, so there are two things I want to know:

1) Is there any way to edit this page with the custom CSS? I have looked, but the only comment/reply things I can find are on main page and quick reply comment sections

2) Re the comment reply box, how so I change the style of font people actually see while they're typing their comment? I think the default is Lucia Sans or something, but I'd like to change that if I can (both on this page and main page).

Thanks, guys! :)

"share" on the entry linkbar, the comment linkbar?

I've just started using my first Bloggish layout and I was able to switch all the linkbar links to images, however, the Share one just takes me to the top of the page instead of launching the Share javascript/dialog box.

Does anyone know a fix for that? Or, if not, a way to hide the Share link altogether? Or, perhaps, how to have both images & text links at the same time like this comm has?

Also, is there any way to switch the comments links (reply, delete, screen, freeze, etc.) to images?

I'm using both a custom theme layer (for this code and this code) and a custom CSS page.


header border and entry alignment and wallpaper

SOLVED - Thank you seleneheart  !!!!!!

Hi, I'd appreciate help. Thank you in advance!

I have looked through the tags but cannot find the answer to three questions.

1. I would like to remove the border in the header of my layout.

2. I'd like to make my main entry text alignment justified.

3. How to change the background image (wallpaper).

http://flockofgulls.livejournal.com is my journal.

I'm using Wedding for Bloggish.

This is the custom text I am using currently:
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posts disappear in long threads

I have the following problem : When I answer back and forth to someone on a thread, the posts are showing more and more to the right until they finally disappear from the screen. The only option then is to answer directly from mail with of course no possibility to edit my posts, and the impossibily for a 3rd person to follow a conversation unless they have subscribed to that thread.

Is there a SIMPLE way to fix this ? I am extremely CSS challenged and I would hate to have to give up bloggish and start all over again with my customizations.

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Entry with bullets

My Entry level bullets are not displaying right on a layout I'm working on. This is not the first time I've encountered this, and it seemed like endless tweaking was required to correct it in one, but the exact same code with only the graphic changed does not resolve it in THIS layout. Grr. Also the code for the Alpha link module works perfectly, but in the entry everything displays correctly, but there is still a default dot for the bullet ON TOP of the graphic I specified. What gives?

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Cross posting since a lot of the help comms are kind of defunct, sorry if I spam your f-list! ♥

For reasons I can't decipher, when viewed in IE, this layout's userpics are appearing in their own column, rather than being wrapped by the text. Halp please?